In addition to narrative filmmaking, I have explored video art. This style of video work has allowed me to experiment with sound art, spoken word, and collage in a way not bound by narrative or high production quality. This has allowed me to understand different approaches of editing and production. And diversified my perspective of film & video as a whole.


Powers Unseen (2019)

A video of ocean waves from different points of view projected onto my person while my recorded voice reads out an original short story over the hum of the room and waves.

Queer on My Own (2020)

A collage of footage of the artist intercut with footage of the artist reading out an original poem concerning loneliness and queer identity. Featured in We Are Everywhere, a queer gallery show.

Infinite Asking Door (2020)

Based on a figure from a self made Dungeons & Dragons campaign. A door that asks what you desire as a riddle. The answer, of course, is to get past the door.

Solemn Soundscape (2018)

An exercise in creating an emotional soundscape through sound mixing recorded audio. 

Demo Reel (2017-2018)

Focused on cinematography and editing. Footage from Freshman and Sophomore year as well as summer projects.

Demo Reel (2019-2020)

Focused on writing, directing, editing and special effects. This demo reel contains work from my Junior and Senior year at MICA as well as independent work.

Content Warning: strong language